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Beekeeping Equipment

We stock a range of beekeeping equipment as listed below.  All hive parts are made from cedar and are flat packed, unless specified.
Hives & Components (for National hives unless specified)
Solid floors
Brood  chambers
14 x 12 brood chambers (deep brood)
Queen excluders (wire framed)
WBC supers
Dummy  boards (BS deep, BS shallow)
Polystyrene Nuc box
Frames and Foundation
DN1 brood frames
DN4 Hoffman self spacing brood frames
14 x 12 frames
SN1 super franes
SN4 Hoffman self spacing super frames
Deep wired foundation (brood)
14 x 12 wired foundation
Shallow wired foundation
Shallow unwired foundation
All in one suits
Hooded jacket & veil
Round jacket & veil
Hat & veil with elastic straps 
Leather Gloves
Tools & Equipment
Hive tools
Queen clips
Porter bee escapes
Wide & narrow plastic frame ends
9, 10 & 11 slot castellated frame spacers
Metal frame runners
Frame & hive nails
30lb honey buckets
Butter muslin
Honey tanks (40kg)
Plastic honey tap (40mm)
Granulation labels
1/2 gallon plastic contact feeder
1 gallon contact feeder