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Beekeeping Equipment

We currently have the following beekeeping equipment in stock.  All hive parts are made from cedar and are flat packed, unless specified.
Hives & Components (for National hives unless specified)
Solid floors
Brood Chambers
14 x 12 brood chambers (deep brood)
WBC supers
Frames and Foundation
DN1 brood frames

14 x 12 frames
14 x 12 wired foundation
Hooded jacket & veil
Round jacket & veil 
Leather Gloves
Tools & Equipment
Hive tools
Queen clips
Porter bee escapes
Wide & narrow plastic frame ends
9, 10 & 11 slot castellated frame spacers
Metal frame runners
Hive nails
30lb honey buckets
Nylon double strainer
Butter muslin
Honey tank (40kg)
Granulation labels
1/2 gallon plastic contact feeder
1 gallon contact feeder